Our Capabilities

Wall Street Direct Loans utilizes multiple organizational entities including a FINRA regulated securities firm, a corporate private equity firm, and a corporate lender / issuer in order to provide debt and equity capital for clients and projects.   Wall Street Direct Loans’s professionals apply investing, banking, financing and real estate development experience to deliver products and services valued by customers nationwide.
  Lending and Underwriting
Direct loans and structured underwritings to fund your real estate, business or financial securities.
  Principal Equity Investing
Equity money to create or acquire your real estate, business or financial securities.
  Products and Services
Sophisticated financing solutions for your business

"Cornerstone's pricing on the 25 year, $35 million loan was very attractive, and your hard work helped us close on terms that made sense for all parties involved. We look forward to opportunities to work with you in the future in other win-win projects."

Keith Bednarowski
President and Chief Executive Officer
Opus Corporation